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Well, I haven't posted here in....ages.
A theater career is pretty much out for me. At least, I think it is right now. I've got another year left at NYU- this time studying politics. And for the LSAT. Part of me wants desperately to stay in NYC. Go to law school here. I'm not quite ready to leave yet.
I know that the boyfriend hates cities... And he might finally be getting a real job in Virginia. I just... don't want to stay here. There's so much more out there in the world. Virginia's the only place I've lived that I've absolutely hated.
Ah well. A month and then I'm back in the city. I'm broke after my sister and my trip to London (I did get to see Oliver! YAY!), so I'm back at the theater for now. Hopefully I'll get a job and/or a paid internship. I'm going to start looking into that now.
Anyway, I've got to run. The boy wants to see Despicable Me. Again. This time in 3D. I don't particularly like 3D films but *shrug* Ah well. :)

It could be worse...

So, my roommate's a sweet girl. Really. She's into animation and hopes to work for Pixar, which is cool.

She. Never. Leaves. The. Room.

Yeah, you might think that I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. She doesn't leave on Tuesdays and Fridays, and rarely on weekends.

Now, I'm not exactly the most social, but I do get out quite a bit and do stuff on my own. And it's not a huge mega deal, I guess, but I do like at least 10-15 minutes of just quite me-time. I guess it's just because I'm an introvert, or whatever. And our room is a single that NYU turned into a double.

And.....this shall conclude my one "GAH-annoying-roomie" entry that I'm allowing myself this semester.
city of strangers

Goodbye, love...

Rent is the show that really introduced me to Broadway.
In high school, it was the show I dreamed about being in. It was the PERFECT show.
In college I discovered "better" shows. I recognized that Rent wasn't quite finished when Jon Larson died, and that it therefore had it's flaws.
When I heard about it's closing, I told myself that it had a fantastic run. It's time for a new show at the Nederlander. It didn't phase me too much.
It's closing in less than 24 hours, and I'm just now beginning to realize what an impact the show has had on me. It made me care about theatre. It made me care about AIDS and LGBT issues. I thought that Angel and Collins had the most beautiful relationship, ever. Heck, it made me want to move to New York. It helped me discover who I am today...
I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. I didn't expect this.

At the risk of sounding like a fanatic Renthead....
Goodbye, Rent.
Thank You, Johnathan Larson.
No Day But Today.

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What I love about the West Village:

-green tea frozen yogurt with chocolate chips... mmmm...:)
-guys riding their bikes down the road belting "Penny Lane"
-hot young-ish waiters
-the townhouses
- the dogs. They're all over. :)

So. I love my dorm.

I'm not using my old livejournal anymore. If, for some reason, my friends want to contact me, they can do so on facebook.

So far I've [title of show] and Gypsy. I need to remember to a) get a job and b) contact BC/EFA about volunteering.
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A Way Back to Then....

It's hard to believe that it's been two weeks since I was within feet of Stephen Sondheim. I still can't believe it.

I went to the Ladies Who Sing Sondheim event, which was so amazing. I was just kind of like, "Can I be like them when I grow up, please?!?"

And I actually talked to John Doyle! That was exciting...he's totally awesome and really easy to talk to.

In other news....I want to get an internship at the Public next semester. That would be really great....

Besides that..Not much going on here.

Color and Light...

I just had the greatest day of theatre in my life.

It started with the revival of Sunday in the Park with George. The show...there are no words, really. I started crying during "Children and Art", and I continued until the show ended. It was fantastic and I cannot wait to see it again. It renewed my interest in being on stage.

My friends were less thrilled. They didn't give a standing ovation when Danial and Jenna came out at curtain call. One said "Forget the score, I love the set" at intermission. Two of them couldn't get through act I...they started going through their purses and looking at their phones.

Later I saw The  Homecoming. It was...fantastic. Hilarious in an incredibly dark, twisted way. I met a girl at the stage door who was incredibly nice and agreed to take and e-mail a photo to me that I took with Raul Esparza, my favorite actor.

My friends went to see Phantom and wouldn't stop talking about how much they loved it. And one girl thinks the perfect musical in Cats. I told her I preferred my composers with artistic integrity.

It's just...they act like they know so much about theatre. They don't. They don't care about anything new. I'm just the weird one who doesn't appreciate Webber's "work".

I just...can't talk to my friends about theatre anymore sometimes.... It feels like, since coming to NYC, my taste in theatre has become more sophisticated. I guess it's because I have more access to new shows. Or because I'm willing to take a risk and see something I know nothing about. They don't take chances. And they don't listen to the occasional suggestion I throw out there.

I talked about how amazing Company was. No one cared. One of them got the cast recording on a whim months later, after the show closed, and suddenly they all loved it. It's just...I'm different, so they refused to listen to it.

And so a semester ends...

I am about to go home for winter break. I've only seen four shows this semester, which is a tad bit depressing. But, unfortunately, NYC is an expensive place to live and I've somehow managed to become completely broke.

And I'm changing rooms again. This time I'll actually be living with someone I know. And I'll be living much closer to campus. Unfortunately, I got a horrid e-mail from my psychotic first roommate, which essentially said "I'm friends with one of your suite mates. I'm visiting. So there." Actually, that wouldn't have been as bad if she hadn't said things such as "you change rooms more often than people change sheets" and the fact that I said I didn't refuse to live with her in the first place was because I didn't want to hurt her feelings was "shit".

Pity her "friend" that she knows in the suite is the one who was egging me on, trying to get me to tell stories of how miserable I was. Of course, then that girl told my ex-roommate. I'll have to watch out for her, I guess...

I'm going to register for a Broadway Dance class that the school gym offers. I'll get back into shape and I'll be participating in something that will help me with theatre.

I have tickets to Sunday in the Park With George as well, which makes me happy. And I may be dropping by EIE this winter, if one of my friends decides he wants to stop by when he's visiting.

So..that's essentially it for right now. I need to start taking dance lessons and start practicing singing. And get contacts, since glasses don't really work to well while dancing.

Love is always lovely...

I went out to see The Drowsy Chaperone last night, and I thought it was amazing. Bob Saget was great as the Man in the Chair. Mara Davi was absolutely amazing and beautiful and...I kind of wish I could be like her. The entire cast was phenominal. And everyone at the Marquis Theatre- the girl doing the lottery, the man at the box office, the ushers, the actors, the man at the stage door- they were all so incredibly sweet.

I was nearly crying at the end of the show, though. It's just...I know how the Man in the Chair feels sometimes. Whenever I feel upset, I automatically go to my showtunes. When I left Avenue Q in August, I just wanted to get involved with theatre somehow, so much that it almost physically hurt. I left Drowsy hating myself for quitting dance ten years ago. I shouldn't. I was nine at the time. How was I to know that I'd fall in love with theatre?

But that's okay. I'm going to take dance lessons through NYU in the spring and then next spring, after I study abroad for a semester, I'll take classes at the Broadway Dance Center. I'm going to practice singing on my own before trying to take voice lessons, since I don't want to completely embarrass myself. I'm looking into acting classes that aren't at NYU, since I only have a limited number of credits outside of CAS. I'm also looking at careers involving theatre that don't require me to be on stage.

I truly promise I'll update this more, once I'm situated. I will be involved with theatre. Somehow.
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Long time, no see

So, I haven't posted here in ages. What has been going on, you may ask? Not much. Just some family crisis(es), a crazy roommate, and a broken laptop.

There isn't really much to post here right now. I'm taking an acting class, which I love, and I'm planning on starting some vocal practice. Unfortunately, I don't have any alone time in my dorm right now, and I feel intimidated by all of the vocal performance majors in the Steinhardt practice rooms.

I am also taking a musical theatre history course, which is absolutely fantastic. My first paper shall be on Hair, and my second paper shall be on some aspect of Sondheim's work. I just haven't quite decided what yet. If anyone who reads this goes to NYU and loved theatre, take this class. Professor Nelson is hilarious. He looks like Teddy Roosevelt and gets so excited about theatre.

That's really all for now. I shall update later, hopefully after my laptop is fixed and I have changed dorm rooms.
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First post!

So...first post. This is always awkward.  To whomever may stumble upon this humble little journal: Hello! This is my second journal. My other one is open to all of my friends and classmates. I don't want them to know that I have this, for if they could see that I aspire to be on stage they would probably laugh. Or talk about me behind my back. I don't know which is worse. This journal is going to be all about theatre. I need a place to gush about things like Sondheim's work or how amazing Donna Murphy or Raul Esparza are, since I'm sure my friends are sick of hearing about me talk about stuff like that.

I guess I should write a little introduction, so I won't seem like a complete stranger. My name is Ashley(yes, it's, like, the most common name ever) and I'm a rising sophomore at NYU. CAS, not Tisch. Potential Sociology major. And it's gotten to the point where I feel like my life is already passing me by. Probably not a good feeling to have at age 18, is it? I need to be more "Our Time", less "Old Friends". I love how people automatically assume an NYU student going to the theatre is a student studying acting. I've been asked if I'm a performance major twice- once by a kind man at the box office at the Barrymore (when I bought a ticket to see Company alone. On Valentine's day. Pathetic, isn't it?) and once by Brian Dennehy at the stage door of the Lyceum Theatre after Inherit the Wind.

I guess I really began to fall in love with theatre in high school. All of my new friends (I had just moved from CA to VA) were into theatre. Well, they loved a couple shows. One of which was Phantom of the Opera. My mother brought me the cast recording so I'd have something to talk about my friends with. I didn't absolutely fall in love with it. My mother took my sister and I to see Les Miserables later that year, as she wanted to see it before it closed, mainly due to the whole Christianity aspect. Yet again, I didn't fall in love with it. I did get goosebumps during "One Day More" and the "Finale", though. I still do, even though it's not my favorite show. Sometime between Les Miserables and my second show, Phantom of the Opera, which I saw a year later, I got the cast recording of RENT. It was at this moment that I fell in love with theatre. Now, I'm not a complete RENThead. I've seen the show once, the movie, twice. But I just fell in love with the cast recording. It was at that moment when I broke away, for the most part, from what my friends were listening to. They loved Jekyll & Hyde, and I was trying to get my hands on as much work of Jason Robert Brown's as I could find. I got a recording of Into the Woods shortly thereafter- my first Sondheim show.  Since then I think I've exceeded them in my love of theatre. Recently, after having seen Sweeney Todd, Company, and Follies (Encores!) I've been on a complete Sondheim kick. In my humble opinion, the man's a genius.

Before high school I had some exposure to theatre, but not a lot. I've seen the film version of The Sound of Music a ridiculous number of times, as my mother absolutely loves it. I never want to hear Annie again, since I heard it so much in elementary and middle school. I had a friend in fourth grade who loved Phantom of the Opera, and, in fifth grade, my teacher tried to get the class to sit through a taped performance of Cats. That didn't go over so well. I was in a Y.M.C.A. production of Peter Pan when I was eleven. I played an Indian. My job consisted of watching the smaller children, sewing patched onto costumes, and painting scenery. I did not enjoy it then, as I wasn't really given an option and I knew no one, as I had just moved to California from Pennsylvania (my father is in the military, by the way). My friends in middle school were all drama kids. They always made the school plays. Of course, all you had to do to make the plays was know the drama teacher well. She gave her tone deaf son the lead in the school's production of Hello Dolly!. We watched a video of the show in band later and I felt awful for him, as we all sort of laughed. I auditioned once, having decided last minute and having never taking voice lessons before. I didn't even make call backs. Of course, I was a band student. It's not like I could have taken drama if I wanted to. My mother wanted me to be in band, so I was in band. I am supposed to be the one who gets a high profile job and makes money, while my sister is allowed to take acting lessons and get head shots and go to auditions.

I'm setting a lot of goals for myself. I tend to do better when I actually bother to set goals. I'll post a full list later. I guess I'll just use this journal to write about my progress and my fears, set backs and great moments. My current goal is to get a good summer job so that I can pay for dance and singing lessons. Hopefully all will go well.

Well then, until next time!
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